Yoga mat is made of biodegradable natural tree rubber bonded to premium microfibre suede. Natural rubber is tapped from a rubber tree and it is renewable and sustainable material. Rubber tapping does not harm the trees either the forest. The velvety suede surface is vegan-friendly, absorbent and anti-slip. Our chic designs are printed with eco-friendly and water-based inks. 

The grip will get even better with each practice. The anti-slip function is more intense once you warm up or with little moisture. You can slightly spray water to your yoga mat or wet your hands to activate the anti-slip function if you feel that new yoga mat is a bit slippery.

Absolutely! The grip gets even better with sweaty practice. Our yoga mat is suitable for all yoga and fitness exercises.

Yoga mat has a soft and absorbent surface so there is no need for a separate towel.

Yes! Yoga mat is easy to clean. Find out more from care instructions.

Yoga mat may initially have a natural rubber scent that vanishes during use. To help it fade faster, you can hang new yoga mat outside in a shaded area for a few days. 

Store by rolling it with the print facing outwards and keep it stored in a cool and dry place when not traveling. 

Some features are designed especially convenient for traveling but you can also use it anytime between your adventures! It can be used when traveling, home practicing, backpacking or on top of yoga studio mat for hygienic reasons.

Yes! The foldable feature enables yoga mat to easily fit into a bag or a suitcase. Here are examples to give you an idea of how convenient it is. With basic folding, the dimensions are 29 x 22 x 6 cm. With combined folding and rolling up the dimensions are only 33 x 9 x 9 cm. Our yoga mat is 61 x 6 x 6 cm when it is rolled up. 

The material comes from rubber trees and there may be trace amounts of latex proteins. We recommend persons with latex allergies to avoid contact with the product. Our yoga mat contains no PVC, harsh chemicals, silicone or phthalates.

To the EU, free shipping in Finland. Find out more from shipping policy.

T-shirts are made of 100% recycled pre-consumer jersey waste clips. Material is undyed, durable, and super comfortable. Production of one t-shirt saves 2700 liters of fresh, clean water.

We only work with companies that share the same ethics as we do. T-shirts are ethically produced in India and designed and printed in Finland. For more production information visit purewaste.org.